Thursday, March 27, 2014

His Mom Should Have Named Him "Leland Yikes"

See the concerned face? He's  Leland Yee! (D) a serious guy:

Yee voted "yea" for the proposed California assault weapons ban (SB 374) in 2013. He also voted "yea" for the ban on lead hunting ammunition and "yea" for background checks for ammunition purchases.

Yee was a co-sponsor of SB 755, which expanded the "list of crimes that disqualify an individual from firearm ownership."
 I wonder if the "list of crimes that disqualify an individual from firearm ownership" included illegal arms trafficking. Because that's the crime Yee (D) was just indited for.

So he talks gun control, but only for law abiding citizens. He'll assist criminals  in getting guns.

It's like the PETA group they found clogging Virginia dumpsters with euthanized shelter pets. Or  the satanic rituals I've heard go on in Harry Reid's (D) secret back office. (What? Well no I can't prove it, I'm just saying what I've heard. But I'll just note that Harry Reid has never released a list of animals he hasn't sacrificed and let you draw your own conclusions.)

We'll have to wait and see what Yee's lawyers decide, but I'd recommend the standard Democrat "opposite day" defense.  Examples: "I am really troubled by income inequality, so I'm using the Fed to pump up the stock market, because it's Opposite Day." or "Every American should be able to get health insurance so I'm going to make it more expensive, mandatory, impossible to sign up for, with deadlines that aren't really deadlines... because it's Opposite Day."


OregonGuy said...


There. Fixed.

Wry Mouth said...

That's the f***** who drove through the micro-stamping bill too.

My proposal: that any law-maker convicted of a felony have all laws they had a hand in creating immediately revoked, and retroactively.