Friday, April 11, 2014

Cow Kerfuffle

I don't necessarily support militias, after all anyone can start one. But I'm also not sure I support our  swat-enhanced bureaucrats.

Caution - language

Well this just doesn't look right. The page: nv/ st/ en/ fo/ lvfo/ blm_programs/ more/ trespass_cattle/ history_of_trepass.print.html
is gone, but if you google that page and pull up the cached version, it does look like they're stealing Bundy's cattle to make way for solar development. Bundy doesn't deserve this kind of treatment .

This should also bring up the cached page.

At least that explains the "endangered tortoise" blather. I grew up wondering why it was tortoises could forage next to cows and never get stepped on. But they do it. Maybe they're like Lego  blocks for cows. Cows soon  learn not to step on them.

MSNBC, CNN,  CBS,  ABC, they can all google that cached page. Now lets see if they do.


OMMAG said...

Of course not ... that would be ... like ... work.

BTW the feds are backing off for now.

State officials are not letting them off with the thuggery and provocation.

Anonymous said...

Sveral points:
1.900 hundred cows on 600,000 acres; that's 666.67 acres per cow.
2.The tortoises survived the bison, and domesticated cattle step more daintily than bison (it's true).
3. My mother told me "Talnik, it's NEVER about the tortoises".
4. Then she hit me.

lumberjack said...

My one great idea that I never could quite get working properly: caged death matches between endangered owls and tortoises. The tortoise defense was just too strong.

Pay per view would have made me rich too.

Gino said...

he still owes millions of dollars in grazing fees to the taxpayer that he refuses to pay.

lumberjack said...

I agree, he probably owes grazing fees (unless the land belongs to Nevada) but that's the sort of thing you decide via court, not via swat teams.

Also, my math sense is tingling. $1.35 per cow/calf pair per month is $16.20 per cow/calf pair per year. Call that 15k per year for a herd of 900. So 20 years worth of grazing and tortoise stomping should put the bill closer to $300k. Maybe BLM throws in a because-we-can fine, like the IRS. I don't know, but I'd want to see an itemized bill.

BTW, my calculations round up and I'm throwing in the calves. (something I've always wanted to do: throw in the calves)

Gino said...

this guy is a lil suspect to me.

i am glad to see fed goons being backed down, but really really wish it was more of a Kelo/New London kind of case.