Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Lumbersexuals, the Christopher Walken Wing of the Heteronormative Patriarchs

I thought it was a goof: grown men pretending to be lumberjacks. (the inverse of course, is common: Lumberjacks pretending to be grown men) But even TMZ has certified it as a real thing now.

So am I concerned about getting lost in the growing pool of faux lumberjacks? Nah. I'll worry when they start blogging.

Sorry for the blogging-pause, by the way. I had my gallbladder removed on Friday and haven't been doing much of anything. I know, you're skeptical. You'd expect me to remove my own gallbladder, and be back pretending to chop down trees the next day.  Well, I didn't excise my own gallbladder because the wikipedia page wasn't specific enough on some parts of the procedure. Normally I'd just go in and poke around until I found it but just this once I decided to let Obama's new, perfect, healthcare do the job.

As for why I wasn't out there pretending to chop down trees the next day: I showed up, but there were all these other pretend lumberjacks milling about; making chainsaw noises and pretending to harass the spotted owls. It looked like they had the situation well in hand so I left the field to them for a few days.


Anonymous said...

Hope you're doing well; surprised you didn't have the gall to blog anyway.

Surellin said...

Be well. Andrew Breitbart once said, referring to grunge, something like, "What kind of malign influence could induce people in Los Angeles to wear flannel shirts?". Likewise, what kind of malign influence could induce hipsters in Brooklyn to wear flannel shirts and beards? Poseurs!

Lumberbrudi said...

FYI & ICYMI, "Lumbersexual" is the word-of-the-day today (Nov 20) on Urban Dictionary.

Gino said...

hope yer feelin better.

lumberjack said...

Thanks to all for the well wishes. I'm pretty much back to my usual self.