Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Obama Was Right, Some Crimes Are Understandable

Via Smoking Gun:
NOVEMBER 26--A Texas woman was arrested yesterday for stealing more than $6400 worth of sausage from the Kiolbassa Provision Company, a San Antonio firm that has been smoking meat since 1949.

According to an arrest affidavit, Regina Shaw, 45, was linked to the September 14 theft via surveillance footage that recorded her taking a “pallet of meat product” from the purveyor.
When I heard Obama empathize  with the Ferguson rioters my first impulse was all bigotish. It seemed counterproductive and irresponsible. But this sausage story has made me rethink my racist opposition to encouraging criminals. I mean, think of it, a whole pallet load of smoked sausage.

No, of course we shouldn't encourage this woman to steal, but there's nothing wrong with giving her a Homer Simpson, "mmmmmmm-sausage". 

I expect the President will urge her to "stay the course."


Anonymous said...

A crime of passion indeed-

LOVE AND SAUSAGES - The Kids in the Hall:

MAX Redline said...

Dumbfounded San Antonio police say they never sausage a thing.

lumberjack said...

Haha, San Antonio police: wurst guys to put on a sausage heist.