Friday, December 12, 2014

Confused Baby Meets Twins

The baby on the left is obviously afraid that the giant baby is going to eat her. But giant baby is sooo confused.

A few years back the Malthusians tried to genetically engineer a line of "super giant" babies; maybe he's one of them. He's not a threat to the twins though. Like most super giant babies, he just wants to get along.

You should read the wikipedia article on Super Giant Babies; it's an interesting story. After waiting hundreds of years for the chance to say "see, I told you so," the Malthusians decided to help the process of societal collapse along by breeding a line of super babies; who, they reckoned, would eat twice the food and lead to wide spread famine and despair.

But their plan didn't consider the one major factor that has spoiled Malthusian plans for hundreds of years. It was: Hey, we're Malthusians. We're always wrong.   The babies turned out to be adorable and had no impact on the food supply. Apart from a few crib collapses and highchair entrapments, they were just the same as other babies.


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