Monday, December 29, 2014

Where Does All That CO2 Come From?

NASA’s Orbiting Carbon Observatory is sending home some interesting data. It seems that the Industrialized  White  Patriarchy isn't spewing CO2 at quite the advertized rate. In fact the champion CO2 outgasser seems to be mother Gaia herself. Whoops.

When will global warming/climate change/climate disruption finally be recognized as the internet hoax that it is? Well ok, climate does change; that's not a hoax. But the sky-is-falling anti-industrialists' vision of impending Armageddon; that's a hoax. It was predicted by computer models that have proven themselves inadequate.     

From an article by retired engineer Ronald D Voisin over at WUWT:
And just what would NASA have us believe about this first OCO product:
a) That shortly before this last October 1st, industrial production shut down in the Ohio Valley, Western Europe, Japan, South Korea and Taiwan. That as of October 1st, U.S. industrial production has been concentrated in the lush Appalachian Slopes of the Carolinas, Georgia and Northern Florida.
b) That farming activities may account for the CO2 plumes over the lush forests of South America and South-Central Africa. While Australian industrial activity may have pushed it’s CO2 output upwind into the lush forests of Malaysia.
c) That the oceans are net absorbers of anthropogenic CO2 contrary to this most recent observation.
Or…is there a different explanation from what NASA seems to believe? Like:
Insect and microbial emissions, each at 10X all anthropogenic emission, dominate in these lush forested areas while the historically mildly warming oceans are also net CO2 contributors. And, anthropogenic emission is essentially irrelevant to atmospheric CO2 concentration at an approximately 2% contribution to the natural flux.