Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Boston Mooninite Panic

Anyone remember Boston going nuts back in 2007 over a promotional campaign for Aqua Teen Hunger Force Forever? I remember hearing that possible IEDs were being found throughout Boston on my way to work one morning. By that evening it was all a big Never Mind. The "bombs" were identified as flashy-flashy LED boards.

Looking back on the "device" now, it's pretty easy to see that they weren't bombs. The Boston police were ridiculed by fans of the show and by those who were predisposed to ridicule the police. But I remember thinking at the time that stupid or not, it was at least an honest mistake.

And I could see that to someone who didn't know anything about electronics, or the Comedy Channel, the devices could easily cause concern.

Fast forward to last week, when 14 year old Ahmed Mohamed takes apart an alarm clock, puts it in a box, and takes it to school. Then he shows his fake invention  to every teacher in turn until he can find one who will take the bait. Then he grabs his knee, drops to the turf, and whines islamophobe.

Seems transparent and silly to me, but it worked. The kid has been invited to the White House. And Hillary Clinton, and other liberals, are tweeting like the campfire-bean scene from Blazing Saddles.

To sum up:


Surellin said...

My first response to this was that the school panicked, hid behind some zero-tolerance policy and just generally screwed the pooch. I apparently reacted in advance of the facts. As somebody once said, I acted stupidly.