Wednesday, September 02, 2015

No Huevos Aqui

Regarding stopping government payments to Planned Parenthood:
But Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, Kentucky Republican, who wants to avoid a shutdown, said in an interview with a Kentucky TV station this week that his party lack the votes to halt the payments. 
“The way you make a law in this country, the Congress has to pass it, the president has to sign it,” he told WYMT. “The president’s made it very clear he’s not going to sign any bill that includes defunding of Planned Parenthood … that’s another issue that awaits a new president.”
 So the president would shut down the government if he doesn't get everything he wants? Then let him shut down the government.

Ever since Bill Clinton blamed the Republican Congress for shutting down the government the Repubs have been running scared. Let the Republicans say, "It's obvious the American people do not want payments made to Planned Parenthood, and if the President wants to shut down the government over this, then it's on him."

Trump is doing well because he says he'll stand up to the liberals. I've had it up to here with timid Republicans.


OregonGuy said...

The good news is, the NFL will appeal the Brady Decision. Oh, and Barbara Mikulski has decided that Iran should develop nuclear weapons.

Still no word on enforcing our borders or ending federal subsidies on abortion.

Oh, and Global Warming.

Anonymous said...

Well even if the gubmint was shut down, barry would figure out some way to convince the low/no info folks that it was Ted Cruz's fault.

markm said...

For politicians of any party, the truly terrifying thing about a shutdown is that the people will realize how much of what the gubmint does is unnecessary and probably harmful.