Saturday, September 22, 2007


A day later, and at least some liberals have done an oops! on the Mandela metaphor thing. A 404-not-found is better than:

Just when you think you’ve figured out how stupid Bush is he goes one step lower and proves he has the IQ of a Guinea pig. Nelson Mandela is NOT dead - and - he doesn’t even LIVE in Iraq.
Hats off to Arianna though. At least the HuffPo had the sense to disable comments on the Reuters story so that their wing-nuts couldn't express themselves. And today, there's even an article about the metaphor on the HP. True, it strains to find something to say about the search for Mandelas in Iraq:
How does he know that Hussein killed them? It seems just as likely that we have prevented one from arising post-Hussein because Bush has tried to force his template on that nation.
You know, a fully representative democratic election template, like the one that got Nelson Mandela elected President of South Africa. How dare Bush try to change the brutal dictator template.

But what the heck. They did work in the metaphor. It was as if they were never fooled, even for a moment.