Sunday, September 23, 2007

Sunday Test

Via, NRO, Pirates Cove, and the Anchoress:
The Civics Test
9) The War of 1812:

  • A. was a decisive victory for the United States over Spain.
  • B. was a stalemate.
  • C. established America as the leading power in the world.
  • D. enhanced Robert E. Lee's reputation as America's most talented general.
  • E. was confined only to sea battles.

That's one I got wrong, yeah, me. Go figure.

I took the test when NRO first linked to it and all those Big Brain Conservatives were saying things like, "Darn, I actually missed one." So I missed slightly more than one. I did do better than the mean of any of the college seniors last year, but that's not saying a lot. Take the test, I'll send a blue ox to anyone who does better than 80%. And no googanswers, though it's not cheating to use the there-hasn't-been-a-B-in-awhile system.