Friday, February 27, 2009

Are You Getting This, Camera Guy?

All at once it hit me: make Snuggies out of Shamwows and you'd be rich. Think of it - Snugwow wearer on the couch eating cheerios... the dog jumps up and the bowl tips, oh noooo... but it's ok. The spill is contained with an outreached arm.

Put your kid in a snugwow and it would be like having a mop follow you around all day. And when the child is saturated, just wring them out over the sink. Are you getting this camera guy? I know that you are.


Ryanair is considering charging passengers £1 ($1.40) to use the lavatory on its flights, according to chief executive Michael O’Leary.

In an interview on BBC television this morning, Mr O’Leary said that the low-cost airline was looking at the possibility of installing a coin slot on the lavatory door so that “people might actually have to spend a pound to spend a penny.”

When you're a captive audience, it's unfair to have to pay to use the bathroom. But not if you're wearing the SnugWow!