Tuesday, August 07, 2012


You know, in the back of my mind, I hold on to the hope that we'll be able to clean up Obama's mess after he's gone. In the front of my mind though, I have to admit that some things are going to be left unfixable.

Mark Steyn writes about one such mess - the deep-sixing of the Keystone Pipeline:

America had been offered first refusal, and had refused it. So, after they got over being shocked, Canada looked elsewhere for business partners. Last week, the Chinese announced they were buying a Canadian company with major interests in those oil sands that Obama & Co have no interest in. Whatever one’s feelings about this Sino-Canuck deal, it does not appear to fall under the jurisdiction of a New York senator and a Massachusetts congressman. Nevertheless:

I am speaking, of course, of Senator Charles Schumer of New York and Representative Edward Markey of Massachusetts, both of whom have decided we are in a position to tell a Chinese company that it cannot acquire a Canadian company because… well, because we’re Americans and the world has to pay attention to what we say.

Call it the Keystone Pipe Dream. Obama thinks we won't need oil once we get every square foot of the US covered by windmills and solar cells. He's wrong.