Friday, August 24, 2012

EPA Off the Rails

Steve Milloy talking about the EPA’s outlaw human experiments. You can skip to 7:45 but I insist you watch it twice, or once, or skip around if you want. Or you can just read my take on it.

This is what happens when you have a government agency grasping for more power in the Age of Obama. PM2.5 is fine dust. It is a feature of this planet. Some will always be around. But the EPA wants more power to regulate so they call it a poison. In the spirit of Fast and Furious they recruited old and chronically ill people to experiment on. They exposed them to PM2.5, sometimes up to 25 times the regulated maximum. They did this to US citizens and they did not tell them that they could die from this exposure.

Why? because the EPA knows that PM2.5 isn't a killer. That "killer particle" stuff is just scaremongering. It's a lie to get more power.

Either that or it's Tuskegee all over again.