Wednesday, August 08, 2012

To Mars!

Here's the funny thing, Mars has a very thin atmosphere that is 95% carbon dioxide. There is hardly any (I guess we'll find out how much) water, the daytime temperature averages 20 degrees F, and at night it drops down to -120 degrees. Yet we consider colonizing it. It looks like we might be able to do it. We probably can.

But we're afraid of the temperature here on earth going up 2 degrees. What? carbon dioxide has gone up to 395 parts per million? (that's less than 4/100's of one percent) Why, we'll all be killed!

And never mind that allowing the third world into the first world is the biggest problem re the CO2 "catastrophe". It can't be averted by you and I bicycling to work or buying $100k electric cars. Keeping most of China in the stone age is what's required. Keeping India in the dark would help. We've already lost Canada when we taught them to read. No they've probably got cars. (sorry OMMAG)

But I say let's do it. Let's colonize Mars and allow the third world to grow. But to do any of that we have to allow the biggest economic engine in the history of the world to start up again. We need to rebury Marx and put the postmodernist behind us.

I've got two words: "Merica!" (twice)