Sunday, December 02, 2012



President Obama is getting ready for a $4,000,000.00 vacation. He's thinking he's good to go because he sent Geithner in with his economic "solution".  Only hitch is: Obama's plan fixes nothing.

The fiscal cliff was created to force the President and Congress into addressing the very real debt problems we face. The President's solution seems to be: Tax the Rich and Carry On.

Taxing the rich more fixes nothing, you boob. We can't continue being irresponsible.

Oh, that $4,000,000.00 vacation? We're borrowing $1,720,000.00 to pay for it. (be sure to send the Chinese a postcard from the beach)


Anonymous said...

"Taxing the rich more fixes nothing, you boob."

You're mistaken. You're under the mistaken perception that he wants to do what you want him to do and is just incompetent. To Obama, taxing the rich fixes everything. He is in all likelihood the only president in US history who came into office with full intent of making the United States poorer and weaker. In his mind, he is succeeding spectacularly.

Anonymous said...

The saying about not attributing to malice what can be attributed to incompetence does not apply to Obama. He wants to destroy the country. It's not that he doesn't believe that the U.S. is exceptional. It's that he knows it is, hates the fact, and is doing his best to end it.

lumberjack said...

I've heard that, and I even believe it some. (2016 the movie, available on a side-bar of Lumberjack blogs everywhere, makes that assertion) But I really really really don't want to believe it.

His motivation doesn't matter though. His bad decisions and destructive policies can be opposed no matter what caused him to put them forward.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, but how do we get the "La-La-La" press or the "Dude, this is strong weed" voting public to even recognize that there's a problem with having 40% of every government-spent dollar borrowed from China or someone else, get them to agree that spending cuts are more important than tax increases, and press their "Pork Projects R Us" congress creatures to pull their noses up out of the feeding trough long enough to actually do something about it?

They refuse to recognize that Benghazi amounts to an impeachable high crime or if Harry Reid and the Dems would ever vote to try "THE WON".


Anonymous said...

Oh, and while we're on the subject, the Gov came out to Defense contractors before the election and said "don't send out termination notices that are required by law, we'll hold you harmless for suits and penalties if sequestration requires you to lay folks off."
That also is breaking the law...and an impeachable is totally ignoring the Congressional budget process...

One purpose of the welter of lawlessness is to create "outrage fatigue",...there are so many wrong things going on that it's difficult to focus on any one or respond's like overwhelming and exhausting the immune system of an organism...