Tuesday, March 11, 2014

The Religion of Aint Got None

Poor secular humanists. They want the Bladensburg Peace Cross removed from public land. Over the years many automobiles have tried to do just that:
According to the report, the lawsuit names as plaintiffs two local American Humanist Association members and a third individual -- each of whom had "unwelcome contact" with the monument.

Steven Lowe, a plaintiff from Washington, said was "shocked" when he first saw the cross and is "upset" whenever he passes it, according to the complaint obtained by the newspaper.
"Unwelcome" contact? See that's the thing; if you're contacting it, you've got a deficient understanding of how traffic circles work.

OK, I know what they mean. They mean that the image of a cross makes their skin burn and hurts their eyes. Understandable. But the cross has been there for 90 years and so far it hasn't caused anyone to spontaneously combust.

BTW- The Peace Cross was the beacon for the Crossroads Tavern where Roy Buchanan (greatest unknown guitarist that ever lived) played. That's how you gave directions to out of towners: "Go to the Peace Cross, and listen for the guitar."


Veeshir said...

I bet he's one of those sparkly vampires.

Anonymous said...

Why is it that the lefties simply can not or will not ignore things that they don't 'approve' of? What ever happened to that old saw 'ignore it and it will go away'? If that 'evil' cross was as damning as they claim it is, wouldn't it have already have done the drastic things to them that they claim it 'might' do?

Flyfish said...

These people are our version of the Taliban, only they're going after crosses not 1,000 year old buddas.