Friday, August 11, 2006

The Accomplices

The video below makes clear that the man dubbed Green Helmet stage managed the exploitation of dead children for propaganda purposes. It does doesn't it? Can anyone deny that ordering several "takes" of the loading of a child's body onto an ambulance constitutes stage-managing? OK, so it is. Actually the EU Referendum piece convinced me, but this video should remove all doubt from any but the most closed minds. (and really, who cares what the Air America staff thinks?)

And it's no shock that Green Helmet did these things. Think of him as a soldier. He was doing his job. And it's no shock that there are no Lebanese voices condemning Green Helmet. Raising your voice in the Middle East is sometimes a risky proposition. But what is shocking is that in the media circus that was Qana that morning, nobody in the media reported the manipulation of these dead children. How many "news" people were there? Why did none of them speak out? My guess is that there was an understanding between Green Helmet and the newsies. Helmet wasn't trying to hide his actions. He was doing retakes in front of the cameras with the knowledge that the best images would be used and the flawed ones would be edited out. These news people weren't his dupes, they were his accomplices.

If the EU Referendum hadn't started the controversy, I doubt the German footage would have ever seen the light of day. Thankfully someone in the NDR did the right thing and released this "unpublished" video. Yeah you, whoever you are. You're now in the news business.