Thursday, August 17, 2006

Nonrioting Continues

with update....

Non-riots are breaking out everywhere as this photo of Jessica Biel confirms. Earlier reports that "she looks like she's getting ready to throw her purse," have proved to be false. In fact, I had to study the evidence for several minutes before I could even find the purse. Look closely, it's really there.

All seems quiet in my area. In a chance meeting with local law enforcement I learned three things:

1) There have been no reports of burning mosques.
2) Only an idiot would riot because of cartoons.
3) The light had changed from yellow to red before I entered the intersection.


Jeff said...

OK I'm lost who is Jessica Beil? Other than someone I might do something really foolish in a vain attempt to get her attention by the looks of her. The other question is regarding the last three blogs. Were their cartoons meant to incence us into (?)... anything? I am now more certain than ever that I do not understand the Middle Eastern mind, if you can call it that.

lumberjack said...

Sorry, that was a misprint. It was supposed to be Katie Blair, Miss Teen USA 2006, who wasn't rioting. Though we have no hard evidence that Jessica Beil was rioting either.

Jefff said...

With that correction it suddenly ALL makes sense to me now.

Anonymous said...