Thursday, August 10, 2006

Attention CAIR!

Reuters (pa-touie!):

LONDON (Reuters) - British police are holding 21 people in connection with what they said was a foiled plot to blow up several passenger planes flying between Britain and the United States, police said on Thursday.
You know what's sick? No, not the kidz who don't think the threat is real, what's sick is that some people will be concerned that racial profiling could have been involved.
ABC News has learned that two "significant arrests" in Pakistan in recent days may have significantly accelerated the pace of the investigation.

Also, I am entirely unconcerned about what methods were used to get the information from these guys. And now, should we find out that the toilets in their cells are oriented the wrong direction, well, let CAIR handle that. Give them designer toilets for all I care, just so long as they are located behind lots of iron bars.


Terror-Free said...

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