Wednesday, August 16, 2006

The Hezbulla Incursion and Its Aftermath

In a nutshell. Nidra Poller at Atlas Shrugs. Read it all:

Nidra Poller
Paris 8 August 2006

Don’t apologize. Don’t express sincere regrets. Don’t promise to investigate. Don’t fall into that trap. Apologize in private, in the privacy of the heart, apologize in prayer, ask for divine forgiveness, but don’t apologize to public opinion. Don’t fall into the traps set by vicious jihadis and relayed by unscrupulous media....

... What is the role of French diplomacy in the Lebanese conflict? President Chirac packaged it as a “humanitarian crisis”…only two days after the outbreak of hostilities. MFA Douste-Blazy inadvertently admitted that France has been calling for a cease fire…since the very beginning. Is France a secret ally of Hizbullah? Or simply a well-behaved dhimmi state? A dhimmi does not need to be told how to react to this or that incident, he just has to grasp the underlying concept of jihad conquest: jihadis can attack infidels, infidels do not have the right to strike back.