Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Heavy Load

No, I'm not going to crack wise about Oprah's Lunch being late now that the tractor has lost third gear.

No, I only put this up to illustrate the size of lumberkid's book bag. It's not quite this big, but it's close. And what it cost to fill it, yokes! ( that was supposed to be "yikes!" but looking at it, I kind of like yokes better.... "I heard some portuguese ran his car into your hen house, Gustave." -- "Oh, Yokes! you never saw such a mess!") Anyway, yikes! too, her books cost something close to $700 - and this is high school. I remember paying $280 for my college textbooks and thinking it was a scandal.

And there better be some real learnin' in those books. For that kind of money Pluto better still be a planet, and global warming just a theory. I'm not paying 9-planet money for 8-planet books. < / rant >

Good News so far is: we made it through the first day of highschool. By we, I mean her. I was out knocking down conifers while she tiptoed through the minefield of cliques, stern lunchladies, and locker combinations that don't open the locker. All in all I'd say that she worked harder but I sweat more. She was ready for bed at 9:00, and I bet it takes howler monkeys to get her up tomorrow.


MikeZ said...

Have you read any of those books? Perhaps you could skim a couple of pages here and there and find out how the Chinese discovered America, how George Washington was just another slave-owner, how nasty old American companies run slave-labor camps in South America.

(At least, we'd know what's in them durn books, anyway.)

lumberjack said...

Not likely. I never opened my own highschool textbooks.

I'm just going to assume they're filled with PC pap and constantly reprogram the kid.