Tuesday, August 22, 2006

UN Requires Forms Be Filled Out

LGF says that the UN is displeased with Israel's response to arms smuggling:

Anti-Israel UN tool Terje Roed-Larsen says that if Israel discovers Hizballah smuggling arms into Lebanon, they should file a complaint through diplomatic channels.....

“If you discovered arms smuggling, you could have complained through diplomatic channels,” Larsen told Livni.

“We will consider that route as well,” Livni replied with a smile.

Well, it's good to report that now Israel has said it will comply with filling all reports necessary with the UN. It just took them awhile to have the forms printed due to what they called, "stenciling difficulties".

They also promise the arms smugglers will receive the forms in triplicate.


Now I'm hearing that Israel will be dropping all complaints.


Sticky Notes said...

Dems say that if the government discovers Hizballah making phone calls to the US,they should file a complaint through diplomatic channels...
oh, wait, that's get a court warrant first..