Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Big Foot Hezboman

I couldn't figure out why the Red Cross would want to un-link their high-res photo of the Red Cross Ambulance Severe Denting Incident. The images are already out there and it's pretty clear that the thing wasn't hit by a missile. Things that are hit by missiles go boom. Anyway, I thought about how *I* would make those kinds of marks on an ambulance and I decided on a little hatchet to make the gashes, and chains, or a flail (I could borrow the wife's) to make the dents. Then I noticed the boot marks where I would have to stand:

Ah, so that's why they un-linked the high res photo.

"Soooo," says Reuters, "the IDF has developed a missile that delivers high velocity hatchets, chains, and boots." (the fiends)

Also: if you could possibly entertain the thought that a missile did this Heinous Denting, check out zombitime coverage.


kletois said...

no doubt hezbollah will soon say Israel has smart bombs which target women and children. The mind boggles.