Thursday, August 31, 2006

Sharp Eye

Shenanigans found! Somebody made Barbara Walters' feet smaller. If you missed this, by the way, don't feel bad. I only found it because I was privy to a closely guarded network secret: Barbara Walters has the biggest feet in the news business. I mean big. Brit Hume is the only other personality who comes close, and his feet are grotesque, like size 18 or something. Back when Barbara was switching jobs, Walter Cronkite commented, in that low-pitched drawl of his, "Maybe she can get a job with the circus or something." Well, Walter always was a mean drunk.


Sticky Notes said...

So okay - this one is even further retouched that the one on Drudge. Rosie's waist and that fanny!

Did you do that?

lumberjack said...

Oh, yeah. I just kept going further and further, a little here, a little there, until it was just shy of porn...
This is one of the milder ones.

And (I'm so proud of myself) I resisted the urge to Reuters-smoke them.