Saturday, August 26, 2006

Thanks So Much Pam

It's not just the armband tattoo - Pam Anderson has got some serious stupidity issues as well. She and her PETA friends want less chicken eaten in Asia:

HONG KONG - Animal rights activists Peta kicked off an Asian online campaign with the help of "Baywatch" star Pamela Anderson who urged diners to boycott American fast-food giant KFC over alleged mistreatment of chickens.

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals said it had sent a graphic video narrated by the blonde actress along with a letter written by her, to the fast-food chain's operations in Hong Kong, where chickens are a favourite with local Chinese.
Hmmm, just what other meat might some Asian cultures substitute? And it's not a judgement, heck the French eat horse meat, I don't care, but it's a fact that if Pam and her friends keep people from eating at the KFC, at least some of them will be having dog instead.


kletois said...

PETA are just weird, what more needs to be said?

lumberjack said...

"Here boy, come here boy...."

"roll over, come on, roll over..."

"Oh, good boy... now sit-up, sit-up"

"Ohh, gooooood boooy, ok, now jump into the wok, come on boy, jump into the wok...."

boinky said...

Shows how much she knows about Asia. Here in the Philippines, KFC is all over, but so are street vendors who sell barbecue chicken and then there is the local Jolibee...
Ironically, none of the fast food chains sell Aso (dogstew)...but some locals still eat it, especially in Pampanga. but unlike the Chinese, we don't eat cat.