Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Something's Wrong With the Guy

Here Karr is seen pouting because they wouldn't give him time in the exercise yard "with the other guys." Yeah, other, um-hmm.

So what I'm wondering is how it was anyone ever bought his story in the first place. Really, in a fight between this guy and a six-year-old girl, my money is on the girl. Don't get me wrong, he looks like he did something. I'm sure he did something. And if the police can find anything to keep him on, I say go right ahead, keep him around awhile. Use him to demonstrate choke holds at the police academy, use him to calibrate the tasers, just keep him away from civilization.


MikeZ said...

All the photos we've seen of him show a guy completely devoid of emotion. He could have found a nice job as a stone killer. (Maybe he did......)