Sunday, August 27, 2006

Filling the Pews

You know, for some time I've gotten the feeling that some western bloggers look down on Muslims. I'm not going to point fingers but you know who you are. You read a story about how an Islamic family has gotten together and stabbed a daughter to death because she wanted to date a westerner and right off the bat you judge them. And you always concentrate on the negative aspects of the event. Nobody has ever commented on how daughter-murdering builds teamwork and a spirit of cooperation among the surviving family members.

Anyway, these cultural differences often seem to put the West at odds with Islam, and I think we should be looking instead for things in each other's cultures that we can agree on. Like take for instance this latest conversion to Islam of the two Fox News reporters.

I heard about it on the way out of church this morning. I was driving past the Baptist church when it struck me: Why don't the concerned parishioners of our church start abducting Baptists at gunpoint and forcing their conversion to Catholicism? I mean, two or three a week would really add up over the course of a year. And think of how pleased God would be. A win-win situation if ever there was one. And not just the Baptists, why we could start taking anyone who's not Catholic. And then we could start converting anyone who is not the right type of Catholic. See? And some of you were thinking that Muslim culture had nothing to teach us.

Peace be with you..... and your hostages too.


Sticky Notes said...

I haven't read something that good in a long time. I'm going to link to this one in the morning. Well Done.

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MikeZ said...

Our church's numbers have been dwidling over the past few years. We've been at our wit's end, trying to think of ways to bring more people in.

Suddenly, this! It's simply brilliant! Now we'll just be going out into the neighborhood with our friends Bubba and Tiny. I think we can bring in at least 100 new converts.