Monday, August 07, 2006

Side Note

Remember the Israeli footage showing Hizbullah rockets being fired from an urban area? It was claimed, and I don't doubt, that it was from Qana. Anyway, during the Hajj-search I noticed this:

Just in case anyone got the idea that Hizbullah always fights from camps located in day care centers, the caption reads, "Rockets fired by Hezbollah guerrillas from an open area are seen in the sky as they head towards Israel close to ten kilometers (six miles) from the port city of Tyre southern Lebanon, Sunday, Aug. 6, 2006." Got that? From an OPEN area. SEE? SIX MILES outside the city. Thankyou AP.

***Update: I was just told that I was unclear, well, and I was. The "thank you" was from the Hezbos, not from the lumberjack.