Saturday, August 12, 2006

Attack on the Brussels Journal

Paul Belien has an update on his situation titled Why Brussels Persecutes “Racists”.

For the life of me I can't see why the powers that be can't differentiate between Islam and Islamism. Paul Belien writes about the latter, about a subset of Islam that want's to see all of Europe an Islamic state. In truth, they want a new Caliphate; worldwide Islamic rule. These people exist. You can argue about their numbers and their support among Muslims but you can't make them go away by making it illegal to speak of them.

This is what Belgium wants

Harmony. I get that, I do. And maybe most Belgian Muslims do too. But that doesn't mean they all do. In fact it is certain that had the soda-bombers been successful in their plans to bring down 10 transatlantic airliners, there would be some in Belgium cheering and dancing in the streets; celebrating the deaths of thousands of innocents.

But the censors in Belgium want Paul Belien to ignore those who would celebrate terror. As if by ignoring them you could make them go away.

Note that this ban on speech is a fluid thing, it changes depending on who you are criticizing. The same Belgian website that displayed the above peace-and-harmony image also shows these:

Some call for the death of Condoleeza Rice:

And look, here's a racial caricature of her on her coffin:

And of course her daddy, Hitler:

And let's just throw in the universal killer of children:

Now I'm not saying that these Euroweenies should be silenced. Though I wonder that anyone in Europe would want to bring up the subject of Hitler. That's Adolph Hitler you know, and you want to bring up that subject? Perhaps they think that because some of their fellow marchers use the word zionist instead of Jew, that they're no longer antisemites. Oh, or that maybe there will no longer be antisemites if we don't use the word Jew.

No, I'd ask the Belgian censors not to restrict the speech of anyone unless it is designed to provoke violence. The showing of Condoleeza Rice's wanted poster is important because it tells you about the people who made it. If Paul Belien's speech reflects poorly on him then let him speak; the reader can decide for himself. I've read the Brussels Journal for some time and I see no hate there. Certainly not as much hate as depicted by these protesters, on a Belgian website.