Thursday, November 18, 2010


Why say "Notice"? You would still notice it if I put "Green Hockey Stick".

Anyway, Green Hockey Stick: The miserable, buggy, sometimes-remembers-you/sometimes-doesn't commenting service that is Echo now wants way too much money for the little bit of service they provide. So I won't be renewing when they send their thugs around to collect in another 26 days.

So don't say anything profound until I get the regular Blogger service up and running again. Or, do say profound things, but be prepared to have them evaporate in 26 days. Though, now that I think of it, I might be able to transfer them; I really haven't looked into it yet.

OK then, I guess the Notice is: comments may, or may not, disappear in 26 days. Which pretty much is something you could say any day of the year. If I'd known I was going to impart such a small amount of information, I wouldn't have capitalized "Notice".

Might as well get all the completely unhelpful announcements out of the way at once: The next post may, or may not, contain a photoshop with Nick Nolte's drunk Hawaiian shirt in it.