Sunday, November 28, 2010


Julian Assange, the Justin Bieber of evil anarchists seems to be experiencing difficulties:
Hours before the potentially explosive WikiLeaks publication of thousands of secret State Department cables, the website reported that it was under attack.

"We are currently under a mass distributed denial of service attack," the shadowy WikiLeaks owners tweeted before noon Sunday.

Don't know what it might be so I've been pinging them all afternoon.... still don't get a connection.

Here's a thought too... What if there are government cyber warriors trying to hack into their system to do real data destruction, but they can't because vigilantes have been flooding them with pings?

Oh well. It seems that many large newspapers, including the (surprise) NYT have already got some of the damaging diplomatic cables. I have no doubt that they would publish them if Bush was still president. But who knows, maybe the prospect of damaging Obama's presidency will keep them from going overboard. You know that endangering the lives of American war fighters won't affect their decision.

Me, I oppose endangering our troops and allies regardless of who is president. So I'll keep pinging awhile longer. And if I get Julian Assange to answer his http, maybe I'll ask him why he's so evil.