Friday, February 01, 2013

About Those Speed Cameras

Maryland has been installing speed cameras. And there seems to be some confusion over how they operate. Just so you guys know: the camera won't even take your picture if you aren't going 12 mph over the speed limit. Also! Going 10 mph under the speed limit will not get you civic awards or kudos.

It seems that lately I've been stuck behind a lot of people who want to show the state that they're the slowest of anybody. "Me speed? I think that if you check the photo archives you'll find that I never travel above 25 miles per hour, officer."


Gino said...

i got a 'stop light' camera violation 3yrs ago. i laughed, and threw it away. (i'm a scofflaw at heart...)
nothing has come of it, and the city in question has since disabled all of their cameras... due to non-compliance... of folks like ME!

seems the cameras costed more $$$ to keep than they were bringing in...

its all about the money, folks.
like panhandlers at 7-11...
dont give them any, and they will go away.