Thursday, February 28, 2013

Let's be Fair Now

Jonah Goldberg noticed:

...this is very disturbing news. According to the BLS, in 2011 there were 112,564,000 full time jobs. That means the sequester will not only destroy every fulltime job in America, it will go on to wipe out an additional 58 million jobs — give or take — that don’t even exist yet.

Oh, puhleese, Mr. G, you know that was just a slip of the tongue. If you add up all the losses claimed by each government department and agency, it becomes clear that she meant to say 170 billion. (with a 'b')


MAX Redline said...

Well, Maxine was very disturbed by the fact that during meetings of the House Financial Services Committee, a real-time debt clock is displayed on a monitor. She demanded that it be turned off during "Democrat speaking times".

Yet another example of why building a fence along the Mexican border is insufficient - we need one along the California borders, too!

SiGraybeard said...

Couldn't we just build one around DC? It would be a lot shorter.

We could cut the power and comm. links so anything they said couldn't get out. Just make sure they can't get to airplanes, trains, cars, and other ways out.

Veeshir said...

You know what that means!

We're going to lose all those jobs Obama saved or created!

Not only are we losing real jobs, we're losing the imaginary ones!