Friday, February 22, 2013

Joe Biden, Master Strategist

(at the 50 second mark if you want to minimize Biden blah-blah)

Summary: Get a two shot weapon. When trouble starts, go to the porch and empty your weapon.


Anonymous said...

Shouldn't Slow Joe be worried that - if the idiot in the Colorado legislature is right - his wife would just whip around and plug him? And not in the "hair" sort of way, either.


N.O'Really said...

So, if you're in a life threatening situation, he wants you to break the law - and put a random stranger elsewhere in mortal danger - and defenseless.

He is anti-impeachment insurance.

markm said...

On the plus side: I haven't heard total idiocy expressed with such gravity and conviction since Pat Paulson. In fact, are you sure that isn't "Can't Stand Pat"?