Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Comet ISON Approaches Sun

This video isn't a simulation. It covers ISON's travels from from Nov. 20 to Nov. 22, 2013, and it was shot from the STEREO A spacecraft parked in the Lagrangian zone. We, on earth, won't be able to see the fireworks as ISON reaches its closest point to the sun on Thanksgiving day. (the sun would blind anyone except Chuck Norris) Will it burn up? Will it flare up brightly but survive a slingshot around the sun? We just don't know.

Here are ways to observe ISON for the sun encounter. If it survives and makes the turn, it may be visible again in December. Its brightness will depend on how much survives the heat of the sun.

ISON is named after the organization that discovered it in 2012 -- the International Scientific Optical Network.

So ISON will either flare up but survive, burn up, or break up. Or it could be eaten by the dragon who lives behind the sun. (Scientists don't all believe that there is a dragon living behind the sun, but those who do are certain that he's there because of man made global warming)

Exciting stuff.

 President Obama "misleads" comet ISON

Well, here's the best video I could find of the climax. It seems ISON won't be zipping by us in December. According to NASA it broke up like a Tom Cruise marriage on its way around the sun. It fell apart like a Michael Moore diet plan? It burned up like Barbra Streisand's pool guy? (you get the idea)


OMMAG said...

Not LYING? Hard to believe...

OMMAG said...

I say it will collide into Earth II which lies invisible to us on the far side of the sun.

According to fiction .... isn't this supposed to cause the ed of Earth I ?

Science fiction is the same as science ... right?