Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Real Obamacare Ad

You have to click to see the original but the shortened version is: "Yahoo, I've got my free birth control! Let the promiscuity begin!"

That's right, well and for a significant number of people it's true, it's as if the controlling factor in the decision to have sex with a stranger is the availability of birth control. "Lets hope he's as easy to get as this birth control,"  emphasizes that Susie doesn't really know him yet. Well yes, Susie, lets hope he's as easy to get as you, and the birth control, are.

See? Sounds like an anti-Obamacare ad, right? That's what Planned Parenthood thought too. They tagged the ad as slut-shaming. But no, this was a pro-Obamacare ad and it can be better characterized as slut-celebrating.

Now it's none of my business what Susie and Nate do. I don't care, really, I don't. But it says a bit about Obamacare doesn't it: support our socialism and get the freedom to act irresponsibly. Everything is free and the world is your oyster. And the ad is aimed at young people, who haven't learned yet that nothing is free.

Same is true of Gargolying Bro Sam. Yes, by all means climb up on the keg. The medical bills will be taken care of so that makes drunken acrobatics a reasonable thing to do.

And Susie, don't forget that being covered means you'll never have to pay for chemotherapy. Why don't you start smoking? Nate smokes and he's ok. In fact let's all smoke and have sex with strangers perched on top of beer kegs! (Just like Alec Baldwin!)

Let me correct myself here. I say socialism but I know it's not. (yet) I firmly believe that the administration is trying to break health care so badly that we have to go to single-payer socialism. But that's not what we have yet.

Socialism is where the government owns industry. What is it called when industry is still privately owned, but government controls every aspect of it? What's that word?