Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Science Toys

Cool, and probably something you would get tired of playing with after the first week. But I can see this being a practical tool after much refinement. I mean, this would be much cooler if the resolution was upped by a factor of 100. Then, add brighter colors and the ability to play audio and you'd really have something to amuse your cat with. (and face it, isn't that the direction almost all new inventions migrate? towards becoming very expensive cat toys?)

Don't get me wrong. I still want one.


Lumberbrudi said...

I'm a web developer, and all of my code has to be "Section 508 compliant" (not deny info or services to the disabled). So I particularly liked the demo at 1:29 into the video.

It shows that the device can visually represent a phone ringing for deaf folks who use their cells for video phone calls. It can be used as an "assistive technology".

Right now deaf folks use flashing lights for that, so it's not a totally unexplored area. But the wave pattern is soothing, not so nerve-racking as demanding someone's attention with flashing lights.

Flipping the phone and pointing its screen toward the human was a nice touch. Kinda show-offy, but nice.

Wry Mouth said...

Sigh. Claymation is dead.