Friday, December 13, 2013

Adobe Elements 12

What a deal, they offer the full version for $69 but since I'm a loyal customer, I can upgrade for only $79.

Good thing I don't rate the student discount; that'd probably jack it up to $89.

Or there's always what I call the third way. That involves the Adobe team plus one cactus per person.

Just as well.  I understand Elements 12 is a bit of a disappointment


Pops said...

Elements is soooo yesterday. Follow the link for a free version of Photoshop CS2. No, really, it's genuine and legal, and from Adobe. There's a Windows version and one for Mac, plus the activation codes. I've been using the Windows version for a year now, and very good it is too.

If that link gives you any problems, try this one - note that it is Adobe's web-site:

Pops said...

I guess you'll have to copy and paste the links ... Ho Hum.

OMMAG said...

Adobe .... the more you use them ... the more they abuse you.