Friday, December 20, 2013

Pajama Boi

I see an opportunity to slip a gay joke in here, while the alphabet community's focus is concentrated on Duckman Phil. Joke courtesy of Jonah Goldberg.


Unknown said...

I can't stand the way he's holding the cup. It's too touchy. And I bet it's just loaded with marshmallows. And you just know his Pajama's are the kind with feet.

A mans hot chocolate is too hot to hold your hand around it like that. You hold it with one finger through the handle or else you get burned. And you put a spoonful of instant coffee in it to get a buzz for the scotch that is too follow.

This guy sorta looks like Leonard on Big Bang but not even as manly as Sheldon.

lumberjack said...

I wanted to quote Goldberg when I posted it but didn't have it handy:

" It's insulting to gays. And I don't mean that merely in the sense that it's wrong to make gays the butts of jokes anymore (You know what I mean!). I mean that there are plenty of gay dudes -- and women! -- who are vastly more masculine than Pajama Boy. Pajama Boy doesn't exude homosexuality; he gives off the anodyne scent of emasculation. Seriously, the construction worker from the Village People would kick his ass...

"...Pajama Boy is a Low-T liberal who wears a "this is what a feminist looks like" T-shirt and flinches whenever his girlfriend makes a sudden movement. He's the sort of guy who thinks the "Consensual Sex Contract" given to him by his liberal-arts college R.A. is a good place to start, but ultimately doesn't go far enough...."