Wednesday, December 04, 2013

The Roof, The Roof, The Roof is on Fire

President Obama is out golfing one day. On the 3rd hole Jay Carney sends him a text saying ‘Bo is dead’. Distraught at the death of his beloved pet Obama returns to the White House and berates  Carney for being so callous.

 ‘You should break bad news gently,’ says Obama, ‘If I’d been telling you that your dog was dead I’d have texted, “The dog’s on the roof and can’t get down.”

A few hours later I’d have written, “The dog’s fallen off the roof and is badly hurt.”

A while later I would have sent another message saying, “The dog has sadly passed away.”’

‘Very good, sir,’ says the Carney, ‘I’ll remember that in the future.’

'Good,' says Obama, 'I'm going to go finish my round then, but before I go, has there been any word on the Obamacare website fix?'

'Oh, yes, about the website,' says Carney, ‘Um sir, the website is on the roof and can’t get down.’

 old joke adapted by a man with an ax


OregonGuy said...

Badda Bing!

Remember to try the veal.