Friday, December 20, 2013

Where Were They Five Years Ago?

I'm listening to the press conference. When it came on the radio, my first impulse was to switch to the static channel. But then something strange happened: someone asked a question that didn't sound like it was written beforehand by the White House.

They're asking about healthcare, and warrantless surveillance, and mistakes. Oh sure, he's still spinning the answers. And speaking so long and stream-of-consciousnessly that by the time he's done you've forgotten what the question was. 

But it's almost as if the press corps is no longer the press corpse. This is good. Things may be looking up.


Veeshir said...

Nope, I watched CNN for a while and their story was about how Obama was grilled.

They didn't cover the actual grilling, they were just upset that their Teleprompter Jesus was grilled by the White House press corps.

You know, cuz that's not their job.