Thursday, December 02, 2010

Camden Plays Politics

Something stinks to high heaven in Camden:

CAMDEN, NJ (CBS) – Camden City Council, as expected, voted Thursday to lay off almost 400 workers, half of them police officers and firefighters, to bridge a $26.5 million deficit.

That’s about a quarter of the city’s entire work force.

Five members of City Council voted unanimously to approve the layoff plan — two other members were absent. The cuts take effect in mid-January.
Exactly how many city workers will be affected is still an open question, although nearly half the city’s police and a third of the firefighters are slated to go.

So... You've got to cut a quarter of your work force. So why not cut 25% across the board? Cut the DMV 25%, cut the school building fund, the road crews, the health inspectors, police, and fire, all 25%? Why cut 50% of Police and 33% of Fire?

Oh, wait:
When it was over, Council president Frank Moran suggested they’re not to blame.

“We didn’t put a price tag on public safety. Unfortunately, the governor of the State of New Jersey put that price tag on it,” he said at the packed Council meeting.

That price tag is $69 million, in transitional aid. Moran suggested that Camden residents should vent to Governor Chris Christie.

Now it makes sense. The Camden City Council doesn't mind endangering lives to score political points.