Thursday, December 23, 2010

Mission Accomplished

By request: rainbow don't ask, don't tell. This repeal is something I've got mixed feelings about. I've always felt that the political people behind the DADT weren't the kind of guys who would join the military in the first place. And even with the repeal, I don't expect there to be much in-your-face flamboyant behavior in the ranks, because, again, those aren't the kind of guys that go into the military. I figure that if they've joined, and volunteered to go into harms way - if they really get it, understand why it has to be a team effort, then they don't want to be a force detrimental to the team. So this repeal won't change anything. (other than now they won't have to worry about a stray facebook comment ending their career)

BTW, I can't see that "DADT" without thinking it stands for the change in acceleration over time.