Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Gang Shooting

How stupid are gang shootings? A sad waste, but a familiar story:

ST. LOUIS - Two mourners were killed and at least one other wounded today when gunfire erupted outside a funeral home.

Chief Dan Isom said the shootings at the Reliable Funeral Home in Midtown are the product "of an ongoing feud between gangs in St. Louis."

Isom said no shots were fired inside the funeral home, but "we do know there were shots being fired right outside of the funeral."

But what grabbed my eye was the name of the funeral home. "The Reliable Funeral Home" Ummm, ok, but how could a funeral home be unreliable? Do the unreliable ones forget to bury the people? "Oh man, not again. I'm sorry guys, we'll get right on it. Uncle Bob will be buried by Tuesday. I promise this time."

I'm not in marketing, but it seems to me that funeral homes should be Eternal Rest, Gates of Heaven, or Peaceful Gardens. Reliable should be for plumbing companies, auto repair shops, or Pest Control Outfits.

Maybe I should go into marketing. I'll call my company: Real Good Names Public Relations.