Friday, December 17, 2010

Rahm "Sticky Fingers" Emanuel

Rahm Emanuel came up with pictures of boxes to prove that he's a resident of Chicago. But look what else he's got: a New York Times Vending Machine - in a locked crawl space that probably doesn't get much foot traffic. I'm suspecting the NYT didn't install it there.

And here's the thing: if the people of Chicago are stupid enough to elect this man, then they deserve him. But they shouldn't be surprised when he starts stealing from them. This is just a vending machine, much more valuable to the owner than it is to the thief who takes it for a curiosity. What happens when he can grift real green dollars? Think his sterling character will stop him?

I do know one person who might be interested: the vendor who had to replace the machine for upwards of $1000.00.


Searching the news to see if anyone else cares about Rahm Emanuel's theft of a vending machine, I find this older story:

Rahm Emanuel, thief
By Michael O'Brien - 03/07/09
White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel might have to worry a little bit about his landlord.

Pollster Stan Greenberg, in whose basement Emanuel stays when he's in Washington, complained to Washington Whispers that Emanuel had often stolen the newspapers from the house Greenberg shares with his wife, Rep. Rosa DeLauro (D-Conn.).

"He absolutely steals my newspapers," Greenberg said. "There isn't any question. It's one of the points of contention."

Now that Emanuel works in the White House, though, Greenberg thinks things might get better.

"The White House is much better on him having his newspaper, so on the newspaper issue, there's less contention," he added.