Friday, December 31, 2010

Mind: Boggled

So strange, from Newsbusters:

But remember that in this country one of the ways that black people were enslaved, one of the ways that segregation and other civil rights violations were allowed is that black people were equated to animals. They were called apes or chattel or beasts of burden. And remember also that during the civil rights movement and even during slavery, dogs were often used directly against black people. And so there is a weird kind of interconnection and anxiety when you start talking about, simultaneously, issues about race, and often when you're talking about black athletes and in this case also a black president, and then animal rights. And so there's a lot of emotions that, and old historical stuff, that comes up.

First off. Would someone please look into burying a public address network in every southern cemetery so that from time to time, we can remind those dead southern slaveholders that slavery was wrong? I mean, we can stipulate that slavery was horrible. Of course it was. It was a terrible injustice. But it has nothing to do with what a millionaire does to dogs in the 21st century.

And, Bull Conner, really? Your excuse for Vick is: "Well, the dogs started it."? Really? (also - 20 years before Vick was born)

Look, Vick broke the law, and did his time. It's over. I doubt he'll ever abuse another animal. You don't need to make excuses for him now.