Thursday, January 09, 2014

Government vs. Us

This Ft. Lee retaliation  kerfuffle is in the same spirit as Obama's use of the IRS to punish the Tea Party. Christie can no doubt find someone to fall on his sword, just the way Obama has people to take the blame for IRS abuses.

All politicians should be put on notice: Using the power of the state to inflict pain is unacceptable. Period.

The good news re Christie is that 2016 is a long ways away. There's a good chance the truth will come out before the next presidential election. (though, I can't be enthusiastic about anyone who could have this kind of petty vindictiveness in his office and be unaware of it)

 As often happens, I post something, then click over to NRO and find that Victor Davis Hanson has written the same thing, word for word. (well would have been word for word if I had written it right):

What Is It about Hubris Politicians Don’t Get?
Have any of them taken two hours to read one Sophoclean play?
A reelected and proudly iconoclastic Christie in recent months relished in his swagger, braggadocio, media celebrity, and often picked fights, apparently assuming that his first-persona laced speeches and gestures were immune from the sort of nemesis that now has finally caught up with Barack Obama. His only out is the “Obama defense,” which so far has been used so successfully with the IRS and AP scandals: Outrage is voiced; promises to get to the bottom of the mess are made; aides are sent before congressional committees and occasionally sacrificed; shock is expressed at any who would dare to suggest a culture and example were set by the man at the top. And the supposedly clueless chief executive rides out the storm — until, if he continues down the path of hubris, the next attack of the goddess Nemesis strikes him. The only difference from the Obama know-nothing methodology is that the latter had access to far more government power to exempt him from scrutiny, and a far more toadish media that were invested in his mea culpas.


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News conference over ... Christie fired Kelly.