Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Benghazi in Under a Minute

Look, why don't we state the obvious. Susan Rice knew her "violent movie review" Benghazi explanation was a crock of poo. But she was told what to say by Obama, indirectly probably. She's an employee, doing what she was told to do.

It's a little bit silly for the media to pretend that GOP opposition to Rice is racist. But it's also silly to pretend the Benghazi fairy tale came from anyone except Obama. Now the question is: is the Obama administration the author of this fictional racist motive because it wants to distract from its authorship of the fictional Benghazi explanation?

Question two is: when can we stop with the fiction and address our real economic problems? (without fiction)


Anonymous said...

I heard that Brian Williams said last week "Now that the election is over we can talk about the economy."