Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Petraeus Scandal

From left to right, that's Natalie, the "unstable" twin (an adjective 
that doesn't seem quite fair, all things considered), Petraeus, Jill's 
husband Dr. Joe Schmoe, Jill herself, and Holly Petraeus. (Note the
 Michaele Salahi head-tilt employed by Jill-1 and Jill-2. It's 
de rigueur among ladies who schmooze with the powerful.)

On the drive home I heard about some FBI guy who was obsessed and e-mailing shirtless pictures of himself. And a Justice Department who knew about this circus and didn't alert the President. And a custody battle, a husband facing bankruptcy, and possibly the involvement of a Nigerian schoolgirl's invention to convert urine into electricity. (but sadly we can't get the marvelous machine to market unless you send her father, the prince, your bank routing numbers)

Anyway, I decided to figure this thing out. In furtherance of that pursuit, I came across the above picture and caption. (here) OK, I thought, if the internet doesn't want to help, I quit.

I'll rejoin this story when one of the main characters wakes up one morning to find that he/she has traded bodies with his/her teenage son. And if the adult (in a teen body) doesn't have to navigate the minefields of a public high school and take a social studies test, I may not follow the story even then.

It's just not worth the effort.

(Oh, I just thought... I also might delve back into it if the General somehow gets possession of a time machine and goes back in time to either sort out the whole mistress/email/obsessed-FBI-guy thing, or save the consulate at Benghazi, or kill Hitler. I've always been a sucker for time travel, especially when obsessed FBI guys are involved.)