Saturday, November 17, 2012

Over the Cliff

The Thelma and Louise solution was to make them bobble heads. (which some would argue is redundant) You still have to clickabiggen to see their faces.

We're heading for some pretty poor options here. Obama is supposedly noodling out what to do about the fiscal cliff. So for help he turns to Al Sharpton and other "leaders of civil rights and civic organizations." Um-hum. OK, is it because they're so well versed in economic theory? Let me go out on a limb and say they are not.

Mightn't this meeting be about going after those Republicans when they balk at raising taxes on the rich? Wouldn't that be in Al Sharpton's wheelhouse? Isn't his number one talent rabble-rousing?

So that's the way it's going to go. Obama will say the theoretical $80 billion/year that he wants to get from "rich folk" would solve our problems. And he's counting on MSNBC to give you that impression; even though $80 billion taken from a $1.2 trillion/year deficit still leaves you with a $1.12 trillion/year deficit.

$ 1,200,000,000,000 deficit
- $ 80,000,000,000 rich-guy doing more than his share tax hike
$ 1,120,000,000,000 utopia achieved!

Now the question is: Can a bunch of community organizers, La Raza activists, and talk show loud mouths maumau the American people into accepting that faulty math? Sadly, this last election shows us that the public responds well to demonetization. The hosts at MSNBC will be so concerned about the 6 or 7% we're not getting from "the rich" that they won't ask questions about why Obama hasn't done a thing with the other 93 or 94% of the yearly deficit.

Obama would be happy to drive us into the canyon of debt just so long as he's got someone to blame it on. I also think that if we stand firm on not raising taxes, he'll have someone to blame it on. Not rightly, no. We won't have economic collapse because we didn't tax the rich enough. But that's what Obama will claim. And he's lining up his professional victims and briefing Pravda West.

I don't know where we go from here.


Anonymous said...

The government is going to go all in with the shakedown of the country. That's why you consult with shakedown artists.

OMMAG said...

Well ... I'm tempted to suggest going the self sufficient/suvivalist route.

But that would just be CRAZY .... wouldn't it?

Nicole said...

Where we go from here is down, apparently. With the willing complicity of the press, both political parties and a majority of the populace. Sigh. Bread & Circuses win every time.

Anonymous said...

I'm going to gird my loins